11 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Sex

By H&W on 30th Apr 2018

According to a variety of sources, these are some of the most frequently asked questions about Sex online. Please be warned this does contain adultlanguage.

Does size really matter?

According to research one-third of women who frequently have vaginal orgasms claim theyre more likely to get off when the man is well endowed. But in reality, its more about technique than size. a man who knows how to treat her properly in and out of bed. And once in bed, understands the foreplay needed to turn her on and in the mood for sex. Once you have this combination right, size becomes far less important.

How can I last longer in bed?

There are kinds of aids and creams that might help. But similar to the sizequestion duration of sex is just another overrated marker of how good you are at sex. So while you may feel pressured to last for hours on end, shes not expecting it. A survey of sex therapists in 2008 revealed: too shortwas 1-2 minutes, adequatewas 3-7 minutes, desirablewas 7-13 minutes and too longwas around 30 minutes. These numbers exclude foreplay. So again, worry less, and enjoy more. Its more about quality time than the amount of time.

How can I get my wife to be more adventurous in bed?

Exploration is a two-way street, if youre not going out of your way to romance your wife, it makes sense that things have become stagnant. If you want to show her that youre just as committed to spicing things up, buy something crazy onlinelike a vibrator, blindfold, or handcuffs. Not into toys? Pick up a copy of the Kama Sutra and start working your way through. The goal here is simple: Step outside your normal routine to try new things. I guarantee shell follow suit.

How long does it take to get pregnant after sex?

Plan B, or the morning after pill, can prevent an unwanted pregnancy for up to five days after intercourse, but that it is most effective when taken immediately. Without Plan B, if you have unprotected sex and are ovulating, conception probably takes place within 48 hours; but since your cervix stores sperm and releases it for about 48 hours after sex you could actually conceive four days after sex.

Does birth control really affect your sex drive?

It varies a lot from woman to woman. Some see absolutely no effect, and others experience strong side effects that completely diminish their desire for sex. Go to your healthcare provider and discuss trying another type of pill. You may find a brand or combination that doesn’t make your libido lag.

Is a cold sore the same as herpes?

Cold sores dont carry the same stigma as genital herpes. But strains of the same herpes simplex virus cause cold sores on the lips (and face, chest, even the fingers), as well as blisters around genitals. About 50%-80% of American adults have oral herpes; 20% have genital herpes. But you can get either virus in either area through oral-genital contact. Both can be treated with antiviral medications. But neither is curable.

Why can’t I climax with my partner during intercourse?

Because Women are not designed to physiologically. Only one-quarter of all women orgasm. Men have at least three times as many orgasms with a partner than women do. The clitoris is outside the vagina and all orgasms require some type of clitoral stimulation (remembering the bit you see is just the head). If you’re one of the three-quarters who can’t climax with just his penis, the only way to ensure you do is to add clitoral stimulation.

Why am I bored by sex, even though I love my partner?

Ironically, the couples that are the closest are the most likely to suffer a loss of desire. Lust thrives on danger, eroticism, the unknown things that make us feel uncomfortable. It’s hard to maintain both and because we spend more time hanging out together than we do having sexDo the same thing all the time, like most couples do, and of course, you will be bored. Remember the kind of sex you had at the start that you both loved, try and recreate that?

Why does he prefer having solo sex watching porn than having sex with me?

Because porn sex is effortless sex. There’s no judgment, no embarrassment. Having sex with you requires being nice in and out of bed, being sexually skilled and you wanting sex the same time as he does and the same type of sex.Tell him, calmly, that you know he watches porn and say you want to know what appeals to him most about it. Take your cue from there.

We have mismatched libidos. How can we change that?

Couples often don’t find out just how different their libidos are for about a year because new sex artificially inflates the lower sex drive person’s desire for sex.

Fixing differing sex drives generally involves coming up with some sort of compromise over how often and how long you have sex. Try putting a time limit on it, it increases intensity.

Adding some sex toys can also help things enormously if the low sex drive person is female.

What’s the best sex position in which to have an orgasm?

Any position where the woman is in control and there’s maximum contact between the vulva and his groin works well. Woman on top seems to work the best for several reasons: you can easily grind against his pelvis, angle him to hit the highly sensitive front vaginal wall and it’s easy to hold a vibrator on the clitoris.

Remember: women aren’t anatomically built to orgasm during intercourse.

Courtesy of: www.dailymail.com. For more non-judgemental, practical advice about sex, visit traceycox.com and lovehoney.co.uk for her range of products.

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