How Singing Led to A Career in Nutrition

By H&W on 1st Feb 2019

Lori Zabka, creating a one-stop virtual wellness shop.

Lori Zabka is not your typical nutrition and fitness coach. With a degree in music from Belmont University, Lori took off on the Nashville stage in a big way and fast. In the early 2000s after her first big record deal, her life changed — but not in the way you might imagine. To prepare for an upcoming tour, her music label teamed up with a nutritionist and personal trainer.

“As I watched my body and my voice grow stronger, I was amazed by the benefits of taking care of myself, not to mention eating kale was making my voice stronger. Who knew?! The tips, tricks and techniques I learned were far beyond just ‘buffing up,’” Lori says.

The years she spent singing in California were where Lori’s love of all things fitness meets nutrition began. Drawing from her newfound realization and years of experience, Lori began to formulate her own method of training — one that took into account all aspects of the body and how they function together. From this, she created The Life By Lori Z, a one-stop virtual wellness shop.

Lori recently launched what she calls, The ANTI-Diet in which the focus is not on ditching the chips and pizza but rather becoming more aware of anti-inflammatory foods and creating overall gut health one recipe at a time.

For more information on Lori’s online training programs, the ANTI-Diet and more, visit her website

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